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Contact (click on "training tips" above for more)

This is a huge topic but here are a couple of pointers that I have used recently.

Contact changes over time - over weeks and months of schooling but also between movements in any given session. If you start with a horse that is very heavy on your hands and leaning on his forehand, then you work towards getting more weight on his hind legs so he carries himself (by transitions, lateral work, not holding him up etc.) Once he learns to carry himself more, then you may need to add more impulsion, at which point, you may need to give him a little more support again with your hands - but NOT going right back to carrying him! These changes are progress, not a step backwards, and will continue over time as his balance and strength develop.


Another point to remember regarding the weight in your hands - if you feel that the horse is heavy in your hands - ask yourself if YOU are pulling? What happens if you offer one or both reins forward a little? You may well find that the horse softens and you are both happier!